Quality policy

Quality is created, implemented and controlled every day in every workplace, which can only be achieved by planning and working out goals.

OilSpec International has implemented ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards in its daily operations. The aforementioned internationally recognized norms are applied in our work as the basis on which we have built a system that will ensure the satisfaction of service users and the improvement of all processes.

The ISO 9001 system, as a quality management system, has become imperative in today's industry. In addition to providing a guarantee that all processes, that is, our service, are implemented according to the requirements for the quality management system defined in the ISO 9001 standard, regardless of the type of service, the quality management system also brings far more significant advantages.

These advantages are mostly outlined in increasing satisfaction and reducing employee turnover, reducing the number of non-conformities, saving time, and thus reducing costs, full compliance with legal requirements and obligations.

By implementing the ISO 45001 standard, we identify hazards and assess occupational health and safety risks related to our services and activities. Health and safety remains a key issue for everyone in business today, and implementing a good health and safety policy is vital, regardless of the size of the business. By applying the ISO 45001 standard, we reduce the chances of accidents or employee illnesses, reduce the number of sick days, and also create trust in the Company.

OilSpec International maintains a system that continuously implements and maintains quality in its activities, and regular internal audits verify adherence to prescribed procedures.